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(1) a female's upper torso with no or little curvature, having no or very small breasts;
(2) a female with such a chest, or more regularly, who is thought to have a flat chest, but actually just has A or B cups.
Usually meant as an insult or self-deprecating remark, but reclaimed by some as a source of pride and self-worth.
- "I can't believe Yuri's dating that flat chest from art class."
- "Aww, shut up. First of all, she's a beaut, and second, those are definitely B cups."
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by Monticello-W October 18, 2016
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a girl who has no boobs/breasts and her name is YuanYuan Morlan she is preppy flat chest!
look ther's yuanyuan she doesn't wear a bra and she's in 6th grade! wow thats just sad she hasn't started puberty yet! hahahahahaha she's a Flat Chest
by yourface/awesomeness May 22, 2009
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