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The extra wrinkly folds as obtained from having such conditions as Hound Dog Syndrome (HDS) are wrapped around the penis and used as a fuck toy. The penis is thrust into the surrounding flab of skin, usually with some form of lubrication, either saliva or artificial lube.
"That fucking ex-fatty Sarah was giving me terrible head, so I flap trapped the fuck out of her."
by 1fist2far June 22, 2009
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When you go to the store, and see several people, but you can’t escape talking to them and get stuck talking for a long period.
Dad, don’t get caught in the Flap Trap.
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by Humble Goose November 26, 2018
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When your so fat you loose stuff in your fat.
She's buff on her insta but I bet can flap trap in RL
by Fuhskvvcobdeovsgjv April 16, 2017
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