Derek who is someone’s current situation but isn’t the the final chapter
As long as he understands that he is just a bookmark and I’m the final chapter to your book
by SirKug September 29, 2020
Mark made on a person upon striking them with a book. The mark is usually a reddish color. Bruising may also occur as a symptom of being bookmarked.
My parents often bookmarked me as a child.
by c0re_M July 30, 2008
The awful player on a hockey team that sits in between the forwards and the defense and gets no ice-time.
"Hey bookmark, I've seen more ice in my drink than you've seen all season."
by story13 December 2, 2009
When you place your wang between the butt-cheeks of your bedmate. Sometimes an innocent byproduct of spooning, sometimes a not-so-subtle hint that you're in the mood, occasionally purely for a laugh.
When Sally and I woke up this morning we realized at the same time that I had bookmarked her.
by yrhead April 28, 2011
What a potential date does when they want to keep you available, but don't want to commit to a specific date. They may ask your availability, but not commit to a date per se. You are on the back burner, so to speak.
He called and bookmarked me for Thursday night, but then he never called or showed up.
by beachrose August 24, 2010
The bookmark is not a sex postion. It is more like a torture postion. The bookmark needs three things to be done. It needs a giver, a receiver, and a book. The giver picks out a fairly big sized book and opens it to the middle (400 pages to page 200) and the receiver places his penis in the book. Then the giver slams the book shut.
"Damn those bookmarks fucking hurt!"
by alabama December 21, 2005
Pulling out after sex and leaving the condom hanging out of the vagina or anus to let the partner know you are not finished with them, and in the case of an orgy, to mark which partner you were last with.
“Oh she just waited while I got me a beer, I’d Bookmarked that pussy brother
by Budget Ninja August 22, 2014