The Flaming Sword is a stunt pulled by a male usually teenager or college student where the person takes sterno lighter gel and covers their penis in it and lights it. thus resulting in a flaming sword. I dont adivise anyone to do it it is extremly painful..but extremly funny.
Dude did u see how drunk todd was last night, we got him to do a flaming sword!
by sony packer February 19, 2008
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In a rush of hormones, grabbing tabasco sauce rather than personal lubricant in the course of having intercourse.
Omg, i wanted to bang this hott chick so bad i ended up giving myself a flaming sword instead.
by Partsguru13 June 03, 2017
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A philosophical postulate that states, "That which cannot be proven or disproven should probably not be argued about, but let's do it anyway to get some needed blood pumping."
Jenny: So if you could travel back in time, would you kill your grandfather?
Keenan: I invoke Newton's Flaming Limp Laser Sword!
Jenny: So? I totally would.
Keenan: Hell no!
by aotako May 14, 2011
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