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The little droplets of cum that drip out of a woman's vagina onto the floor as she makes the journey to the bathroom to clean herself off after intercourse.
Helen left a huge trail of tears after having to walk through the kitchen to get to the bathroom.
by Partsguru13 June 3, 2017
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When a woman drops a tide pod into her panties, or directly inserts it into her vagina in an attempt to mask the smell because she unable to shower before sex or fellatio.
Britney, I am meeting Brad after track practice and im running behind. No time for a shower so im just going to tidy down in case its gets fun.
by Partsguru13 March 2, 2018
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The same look of extreme pain and anger on one's face as though they just accidentally stepped on a lego.
I know dad was pissed about the car he had his lego face on.
by Partsguru13 June 3, 2017
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The female who is not only willing to date you but also rides on the back of your moped to the liquor store and still thinks you're a badass.
Did you silly Brad's scooter tramp, I wonder even she even has all her teeth.
by Partsguru13 June 3, 2017
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A severely overweight woman on whose belly one ejeculates on rather than inside her vagina.
I was afraid of knocking up that fat bitch so I made her a pot bellied pig instead.
by Partsguru13 June 3, 2017
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An act amongst a group of like minded male cohorts that exceeds even the groups wildest expectations.
Dang man, did you see that shot it was just amazing is bromazing!
by Partsguru13 June 3, 2017
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The act of using sex, either intercourse or fellatio, as a form of payment for getting a ride from someone
Hey Bryan, Tina is wanting a ride home from work, u think i should take her?
As long as she has the Ass for Gas why not, she is kinda cute.
by Partsguru13 March 2, 2018
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