The prudes who flag videos as inappropriate on YouTube.
Why are flaggers so pedantic?
by MelbourneDeathcore October 17, 2007
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Someone who says they will meet with you or be somewhere and doesn't. Or says they are doing something when they aren't because they don't want to include someone or certain people that you are with.
1. I've been texting you all day, way to flag.
2. She's been flagging for weeks.
3. He's a flagger, he said he was going to bed.
by SteveneffinGlansburg October 15, 2009
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A Flagger picks up foreigners (usually abroad), and should be knowledgeable in world history, geography, and international politics to be able to correctly lay claim to the exotic flags she/he has slept with.
I’m not your standard pickup artist, I’m a Flagger.
by Atlas Al_7 April 19, 2011
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Some one who flags an ad on craigslist for no valid reason. An asshole who kills ads because he enjoys fucking people up. A Mr Whipple who is interested in the ad and kills it after responding to it too keep others from seeing the ad. A jerk who kills an ad without checking it out because he doesn't like the looks of it.
I finally got got a phone number, some flagger kept killing the ad.
by mikie the yorkie June 15, 2008
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A woman so ugly, the only way to successfully have sexual intercourse with her is to place a flag over her face and "do her for your country".
Example usage: "I always come prepared - I don't just carry rubbers, I also carry the national flag, just in case it's a slow night and I have to take home a flagger."
Practical example: Sarah Jessica Parker
by Indiana March 5, 2006
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The 'fellestrum' plant, an Irish reid-like marsh plant. Common in the south of Ireland.

The fellestrum or 'Flaggers' provide a popular pastime known as 'flagger diving', which involves running at speed and jumping headlong into a pile of 'flaggers' (a vast expanse of giant reids). Team sport, usually to involve the rescue of the 'Diver' by rest of team as he/she lies upside down suspended/stuck/lost within giant reid mass. Popular along the bay of waterville, Co. Kerry, Ireland, south.
"Ar'ah those flaggers are feirce tall altogther!"

"Alright michael, are ye comming flagger diving with the lads later?"

"What a dive! them flaggers are in smitherines!"

"Sorry Mrs Murphy, we lost kate in the flaggers again.."
by myleftfoot April 1, 2013
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To rescue someone from making a mistake with an ugly or muted person. To protect someone from a nanger.
Man, Mikey was just about to kiss that rank chick, so i threw in a flagger and rescued the runt. Booyah.
by Darky October 30, 2004
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