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Flirtatious Waffle: Innocent and largely meaningless, funny, exaggerated conversations between members of the opposite sex. / Ice breaking. / A conversation between a couple who know each other well, and are comfortable with each other.
Boy "So, you are going to play a bear in next weeks performance. Well you will be the prettiest bear ever, even if I say so myself"
Girl "That's all very well, but what about my male bear?"
Boy "You are a married bear then are you?"
Girl "Of course! I want you to be my male bear!"
Boy "Haha, will do"

- Flaffle, classic example.

Boy "You are my special angel"
Girl "Then I can fly to you!"
Boy "Of course, I will catch you when you land"

- Flaffle texting example.
by Alexander_cas August 21, 2011
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A person that you have no words with when you are speaking to them. It can also be used as a nickname for a close friend. It can describe a person who is weird, dumb, unpredictable, or funny in their own way that only you two could get.
I don't what to you, but seriously... You are SUCH A FLAFFLES
by Rated_A+ August 11, 2018
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