Something that is dire need of repair, but is more of a hobby to fix rather then a job.
"This house is a real Fixer Upper."
by DJ April 26, 2005
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A web comic about a couple people living in a old run down house. The story is humorous and geeky. It can be found at the site
"Red: Daemeon why are there gibblets on the floor?

Daemeon: THEY STARTED IT!!!"
by DJ April 26, 2005
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A total loser of a guy who a girl chooses and then "fixes up" so that he becomes the ideal boyfriend.
"Have you met Katie's new boyfriend? I think he's kind of a loser. Let's hope he's a fixer-upper."
by Maddie S. September 14, 2006
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A real estate classic. If a home is a total piece of crap, the agent will call it a "fixer-upper".

Not that the agent is lying. You're gonna have to put a load of money into it to make it livable.
"The walls are peeling, there's mold everywhere, water drips where it shouldn't, windows all broken, there's a crazy man living in the basement but don't worry. It's a fixer-upper."
by WHOOOAAAa February 24, 2010
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A guy or a girl that needs so much work that they are not worth it.
Justin is so cute but he's too much of a fixer-upper. I'd go broke fixing him up
by lacessout September 30, 2010
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A fat chick that a guy brings to the gym to workout with, hoping that she gets into shape so he can feel better about dating her.
Dude, did you see that new chick at the gym today? Cute face but definitely a fixer-upper...
by Nikstur February 14, 2013
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A fixer upper is a person who fixes houses. Sometimes they work for companies and sometimes on they’re own. These people work on houses, even apartments.
I had to call a fixer upper to work on the roof.
by habloepona January 10, 2019
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