Usually when four of the same gender have sexual intercourse at the same time with one of the opposite gender.

A fivesome can hypothetically be achieved with four men and one woman, two men having sexual intercourse, vaginal and anal, one man having mammary sex ( penis between the breasts ) and one man receiving an upside down blowjob.
" I had a fivesome the other night "

" You can tell that girl's been in a fivesome "

" Do you know a girl who would go for a fivesome? "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
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5 people all fucking each other like mad at the same time.
best if you are the blok and the rest are extremely buff women whol all suck your dick at once but you need more than 2 hands and more than one dick to please them all at once but the ladies can fuck each other 2 with their mouths and handds which is fun to watch

its especially fun when u touch up the lady so much that she orgasms before you get n e where near her pussy but then you suck her pussy till it turns red then shove your dick in there so hard that she really feels and then do it to the other 3 women who were previously doing that to each other.
cum gets all over the place but its worth it, chenge your sheets after !!
i had a fiveosme the other night with 4 of the buffest women you will ever see but it wasnt as good as when there were 5 of them with me but still good

it lasted a good few hours and i was spunking constantly the whole time- a 1 hour orgasm !!
by raas February 7, 2005
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when u have sex with 2 fat people and a skinny person in the middle the 2 fat people count as 2 persons in one
Bro I had a fivesome and almost died
by papiry December 9, 2016
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Five extremely judgmental friends who have an annoying amount of inside jokes. They often exist of one slouchy ginger guy with fluctuating weight, one sassy but trashy brunette, one angry brunette with a Tinder addiction, a high maintenance Asian who's delusional about her sweetness and a flamboyant gay mannequin. Separately, they are super nice but together, they become more evil than the kid from the Omen.
Sandra: 'I hate the gruesome fivesome! They always push and kick me!' Brad: 'I know, but then again: they were right about your hair!'
by GF_POYV November 3, 2014
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Five high people doing it
Dude I was at this sick party and I had a high fivesome with people I'd never met
by Michael Scott June 15, 2015
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When a group of five people try to high-five each other t he same time repeatedly.
Dude! Becky got slapped in a high fivesome
by Cuddly Angel June 20, 2015
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A Devil's Fivesome (3 males, 2 females) where one of the female is your wife, and two of the males are you and your best male friend.
Last night got ugly... We went Devil's Fivesome.


You know the people involved.

I do.

Yes it was a Royal Devil's Fivesome.
by Phil Nagi December 22, 2017
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