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The act in which the fellow, performing intercourse with his gal doggy-style, pulls out right before orgasm, spits on her back or neck to trick her into thinking he ejaculated on her, then shoots his load into her eye when she turns her head.
"I had to wash my eye out," Mabel said, "after Ned hit me with the old fish eye trick. It's a good thing our supervisor didn't catch us."
by Ned March 26, 2003
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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Actually... a fisheye is when you're doing a girl doggy style, you pull out and faux-cum on her back by spitting on it. When she turns around, relieved that she did not get a facial, you give her the ol' money shot in the face, particularly in an eye.
My girl has really wisened up. SHe knows about my fisheye shenanigans and no matter how many times I spit on her back, she's learned not to turn around for a facial glazing.
by Scott January 06, 2005
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The act of having sex in the "doggy-style" position. Then spitting on the girls neck, makin her believe that one has ejaculated. Upon her turning around, the male ejaculates in her eye.
I fish eyed that hoe blind yo.
by The Shock February 20, 2003
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When you cum in a girl's eye, she winks because it stings. If you look at a live fish, it winks in the same manner.
I gave her the old fisheye and she bit my dick.
by Chris March 20, 2005
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Upon taking a woman from behind, aka the doggy style position, the man pulls out and expectorates on the back of a woman's head. When she turns around to see if he's cum, the man ejaculates in her eye.
Brenda lost her contact lens from a fish eye
by Sir Spunk January 20, 2003
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When the nipples on a womens breast face as far away from center as possible. The nipples sit vertically in line with her arm pits.
That chick should have left her bra on, she has terrible fish eyes.
by Brynn 2 April 30, 2010
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