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Putting your index and middle finger into a females mouth during intercourse. Simulating when a fish gets hooked on a Fish Hook. A well executed Fish Hook should prompt a startled look from the fish hooked.
Generally when you are taking your Girlfriend from behind you reach around and fish hook her. If you are feeling brave try double fish hooking with both hands
by Garry Moorhead November 30, 2007
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fishhooking is when ones index finger is placed inside another persons mouth and then the first person pulls very hard causing pain for the second person.
Man last night i fishhooked my homie so bad that his mouth started bleeding
by riley July 10, 2004
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Shoving 2 fingers in a vagina and pushing upwards much like a fish hook. Feels absolutely amazing!
She wasn't feeling it until I said I would fish hook her. She loved it! Fish hooking is great!
by Lilkittycat June 09, 2015
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When a male is recieving oral pleasure from a female on her hands and knees, the male reaches over and inserts his middle finger into her anus and attempts to lift her up whilst she continues to chow down on his mamba..
The other day i was Fish Hooking my girlfriend..needless to say she was confused when i lifted her up in the air by her ass hole..

Oh, and this was at the same time that she was sucking my cock..
by Mambam March 09, 2008
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