a flat back that leads down to a flat butt or ass.
The signal a referee makes once a team gets a first down. Holds arm up then brings arms straight down IE FLAT.
by Robby Dade February 26, 2008
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A girl with an ass so flat, that a NFL referee can perform the first down arm movement on her backside and never hit her ass.
She had a nice rack, but she definitely had the first down ass.
by Schmed April 08, 2006
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Punting on First Down is a term that means to squander an ample opportunity, or to not attempt an endeavor at all. Punting on first down is (usually) a waste of your other 3 chances to move the ball in football. By punting you have forfeited those other 3 downs and given the ball directly back over to the opposing team.
"I knew Jim would punt on first down, when he didn't even ask Pam out, even though she made it obvious she was into him."
by Isaac "84YearoldVirgin" Newton September 19, 2012
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Kind of cousin of the Dirty Sanchez. Here, while banging a girl from behind, stick a finger up her ass and get some poo on your fingertip. Then put a little on another finger on your other hand. Right when you cum, rub a finger under each of her eyes, giving the appearance of an athelete's eyeblack, and then yell "First Down" and make the hand motion a football ref makes for a first down.
Last night I was giving Meg some doggy action, and gave her a Dirty First Down. She loved it.
by Dirty First Downer June 28, 2009
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to snitch; to tattletale; to tell authorities the truth;
Don't tell Timmay any secrets...he'll throw down first.
by Xan E October 18, 2007
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