A popular term in the CrossFit community for an extremely fit person who has extraordinary power output.

Power= Distance*Force/Time
He did that workout in 2 minutes and 31 seconds? Holy crap! He's a firebreather!
by durham! September 26, 2009
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when someone swallows the cum of a redhead/ginger, they are a firebreather
Riliey is now a firebreather after swallowing Aaron's cum
by YoEstoyElDiccionario September 28, 2008
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A dude is getting some hummer action from a chick, and he decides to blow his load into her mouth without her knowing when. When he shoots his seed into her mouth and down her throat he also gives her a swift punch to the neck. This swift punch causes her to cough/gag on the jizzbomb, the cough/gag in turn forces the cumbubble up her nasal pasage and out her nose. The final effect of this devastating move looks like a fire breathing dragon, that is if fire was indeed a guys hot spermatoza.
That fucking slut cheated on me so i gave her the fire breathing dragon while she was all over my choad.
by Johnny Albright March 23, 2005
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someone who is lazy and often does nothing. sleeps, eats, and plays world of warcraft. he spacializes in pooping and cutting meat. hm. often doesnt shower for weeks at a time and has to be beat up and pushed in the bthroom in order to take one and then he STILL comes out for a ciggerette. often farts in peoples faces in bowling alleys finds it funny while people call him a fag while he dances to "girls just wanna have fun." if you meet one of these their name may often adam,
"you see that guy over there"
"yea he has greasy hair, looks fat, eats alot, and just fatrted in the little kids face."
"wow. whatta firebreathing fagcicle."
by fagcicleneice July 07, 2009
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The act of drinking an entire bottle of hot sauce and vomiting it onto your partner's chest. Proceed to use the mix as lube.
I gave her a nasty Albanian Firebreather.
by Jimmy Juicebox July 11, 2014
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A word of wisdom used to describe a dragon slayer and a man of combat (weaknesses include depression, loss of vision and coming out of the closet gay)
FireBreath saved me and played with me in bed we are both males ;)
by EDP445bigdaddy69 November 09, 2020
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