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A series of tactical role-playing games (TRPG) developed by Intelligent Systems. Having been released only in Japan, the series achieved minimal popularity if any at all outside the country where it originated. However, due to the release of the Fire Emblem characters Marth (Fire Emblem 1) and Roy (Fire Emblem 6) with the game Super Smash Bros. Melee, the series experienced surprising demand from the USA and Europe. As a result, Fire Emblem 7: Rekka no Ken was released in the United States as a GBA title simply named Fire Emblem. As of the writing, this release has been followed up by Fire Emblem 8: Seima no Kouseki. It is well known for the unique feature that characters who die remain dead for the entire adventure and cannot possibly be revived (with some rare exceptions in earlier games).
No, fools. Marth and Roy are not in the next game. Shut up.
by Syckls June 16, 2005
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An incredibly addictive fantasy tactical-RPG series just recently starting to show up in the United States with the relaes of Fire Emblem 7, or simply Fire Emblem in the US. Hopefully, Nintendo will be nice enough to release the earlier Fire Emblem games in the US as well.
by gringe666 May 04, 2004
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A series of strategy video games often with characters who have jobs. There is often one Lord, and if that Lord dies, then it's game over. If anyone else dies, you can restart the game or continue on, but it's best to have a large army IMHO. The current (from the first one to Brawl) Fire Emblem characters which are in the games are Roy, Marth, and Ike. The Assist Trophies that has a Fire Emblem character is only Lyn.
God dammit! I can't get Joshua in Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones! So hard...
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
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A game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. Origonally only found in Japan, news spread of the Fire Emblem series from SSBM (Super Smash Bros. Melee), where Prince Roy and Prince Marth, two young swordsmen, made their first appearance. The Fire Emblem series' are medival/fantasy rpg games, although strategy as well, with similar game play as Tactics Ogre.
The first to be released in America is Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken/Fuuin no Tsurugi (Titles are currently confused with previous game in time line.) where Roy's father, Eliwood and a young girl name Lin are the protagonists. Said to be released in the fourth quarter of 2003, or November 3rd-6th.
(Sooo near to my B-Day! Is that not, like, some kind of omen?)
"OMFG! Roy is so cute! I can't wait for Fire Emblem!" "Fox, the Fire Emblem comming out doesn't have him." "Shaddap, j00!"
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1. One of the most popular sagas in Nintendo, that is overlooked by American players. Consists in a series of 9 games in total, plus four extra levels which could be downloaded from Nintendo in Japan. The games come in this order:

a) Fire Emblem: In this game Marth made its appearance, to save his motherland against the forces of the evil Dolua empire.

b) Fire Emblem Gaiden: Alm and Celica travel across the continent of Valencia, to restore peace to their respective kingdoms.

c) Fire Emblem, Mystery of the Emblem: a Remake of the first one, but featuring more levels, and some minor changes.

d) Fire Emblem, Genealogy of the Holy War: perhaps the most known Fire Emblem ever to exist, where Sigurd and his friends set out to combat countless enemies in huge maps, and features a "Generation system", which allows two characters to mate and have children. With this, the children of those who mated during Sigurd period appear in the next period, where Celice (Sigurd's son) fights against the Grandbell Empire.

e) Fire Emblem, Thracia 776: This game is the most difficult of all Fire Emblem. Its main character is Leif, Celice's cousin. He attempts to start out a rebellion to recover his homeland from the tyrannical rule of King Trabant of Thracia, whom is aided by the Grandbell Empire.

f) Fire Emblem, Sword of Seals: The game features Roy as the main Lord of the game. He fights against the Kingdom of Bern, which is bent on world domination.

g) Fire Emblem, Blazing Sword: The first Fire Emblem hitting American stores. Features Hector, Lyn, and Eliwood(Roy's father) as main characters, who will try to stop the Black Fang.

h) Fire Emblem, the Sacred Stones: Features the twins Eirika and Ephraim, both princes of Renais, which fight against the nation of Grado to free their homeland.

i) Fire Emblem, Path of Radiance: Ike and his group of mercenaries must help princess Elincia of Crimea to retake her kingdom from the clutches of King Ashnard from Daein, who is bent on inmersing all of the continent of Tellius into an all out continental war.
2. In all the games, the Fire Emblem is some sort of artifact. In Fire Emblem a) and c), it is a shield which allows Marth to use the Falchion sword. In f) and g), it is a jewel which is quintessential to crown the future king of Bern. In h), it is the Sacred Stone of Grado. In i) it is also called Lehran's Medallion, and holds the spirit of a Dark God, and only a pure-hearted person can have it without growing mad.
1. For those who are new to this saga, I suggest you to play first the Fire Emblem from Gameboy Advance, and later on take on the SNES ones, because this last ones are more challenging.
Also, take note this series kicks all other Strategy-RPG's ass.

2. Do not use the Fire Emblem for your own uses or as a luxury jewel, or you will end up pwning your own homeland.
by the somewhereman January 21, 2006
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The best thing that happened to Nintendo Since Smash Bros
I used to be addicted to crack now im addicted to Fire Emblem
by Gumoney64 October 31, 2007
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