Fire Emblem Awakening

A game in the fire emblem series, which is surrounded by controversy because of old school fans complaining about it being to easy casual mode, broken second seal, the story not being as good and some characters being a bit inappropriate Nowi. However this game help save the franchise as well as set it back on course (most people had forgotten about Fire Emblem by that stage and the game spawned a lot of new players). This because it was it sold 1.9 million copies by 2014 thus reminding everyone about fire emblem. Pie the way the game has a fixation with pies.
I see you play Robin in smash bros.
Yes what about it?
You should play Fire Emblem Awakening.
I've already played it.
Oh really that's great!
Not as good as previous instalments thought.
Take that back right now!
by Ranaky January 19, 2017
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Video Game - A crossover between Fire Emblem and Dynasty Warriors released in 2017 for New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. Notable for having too many clone movesets, original characters who are mostly shit except Darios (but he dies, so he doesn't count) and not much else.
A: Yo, remember Fire Emblem Warriors?
B: No
A: It had Darios
B: Oh yeah, that one. It was mediocre as fuck
by Pankaces199 December 28, 2022
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