A Finsta is an instagram account used primarily for shitposting content. Finstas are typically used by white girls who need a place to post their various selfies that they deem not good enough to be posted on their main account.
Girl A: Hey did you see my recent of insta?
Girl B: Yeah, the one on your finsta that was cute as fuck.
by scotty_boii January 09, 2017
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It is usually the secondary Instagram account that someone has.

This account is typically private and only shared with close friends.

This secondary account is usually very personal and emotional, sort of like a diary, or silly, filled with memes and humorous photos. It is meant to be hidden from one's family members or the general public.
Don't add my public ig, add my finsta
by Bruised soup August 05, 2019
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A spam Instagram account where people post what they are too afraid to post on their real account. They only want their closest friends seeing instead of their regular instagram followers to see.
“I posted a pic of Kenzie smoking on my finsta
by Mackssiiw April 10, 2019
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1. about to 2.ready to 3. desiring to
"Yo, I'm finsta go to Target and get some nachos."
by Ned Ryerson July 23, 2003
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A private or secret Instagram where you can post things only your close friends or family can see. Lots of famous people have finsta so people don’t see things in their private life. Regular people can have finsta too. They usually have weird names and random messy posts. If someone follows your finsta and sees a really ugly picture of you they might show everyone and laugh at you. Better be careful who’s follow request you accept.
“Can I follow your finsta?”
“It’s private”
“Im going to hack you and show everyone a ugly picture of you if you don’t let me see”
“Ok fine geez the user is @rlly.ugly_jimmy_84828”
by DumbDoodle September 29, 2018
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