is a put down and u say it to someone who does something shady,grimey,and gets over on a deal, etc anything wrong
like as if u were going to grab a slice of pizza and someone knows that u want it and grabs it before u do and still eats it.example: U took the pizza when i was gonna grab it u finky bitch! and etc. as in like if someone were to rat someone out then ud call them finky.example: u ratted him out!? aww ur finky! and etc. jus basiclly anything in those types of nature
by MAC510BAYAREA August 4, 2009
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When a man with a moustache tickles a woman's clit.
I gave my girlfriend a great finky last night.
by FinWonga February 2, 2016
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Fecal matter that is excreted in the shape of a spaghetti or any other thin pasta.
"Yo I just took the BIGGEST finky."
by Fageet December 1, 2020
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I waz snorklin on dis bitch and found some finky shit!
by FrewtMaster February 6, 2011
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That's some finky lingerie you got there.

My my aren't you looking finky today?
by Brittany (fukaiMori) July 20, 2005
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A devotee of the increasingly popular Finnish spitz dog (suomenpystykorva).
Rachel is a finkie. She has such a cute dog!
by pentozali September 24, 2008
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