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When you're playing Save the World and a idiotic scammers excuse is that "his finger slipped"
Owner of Island: Alright I got edits on the box. 3. 2. 1.
Scammer: *Scammer grabs weapons and runs to other guys guns*
Owner of Island: What do you think you're doing?
Scammer: I'm so sorry man I was eating KFC because my mom owns it and the grease got all over my clothes, my controller, my hair, and my hand.
Owner of Island: So you're FINGER SLIPPED?
Scammer: I guess.
by huanghu October 12, 2018
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An excuse used by mobile game players when they lose, Can only be used by 4930+ pb players th
Kyle* " Why did you lose Cali?!"
Cali* "My finger slipped"

Kyle* "oh alright it's not a lose then*
by Young PlatiCali June 03, 2018
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