When you're playing Save the World and a idiotic scammers excuse is that "his finger slipped"
Owner of Island: Alright I got edits on the box. 3. 2. 1.
Scammer: *Scammer grabs weapons and runs to other guys guns*
Owner of Island: What do you think you're doing?
Scammer: I'm so sorry man I was eating KFC because my mom owns it and the grease got all over my clothes, my controller, my hair, and my hand.
Owner of Island: So you're FINGER SLIPPED?
Scammer: I guess.
by huanghu October 12, 2018
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When someone looses or tries to scam someone in a game, they try to blame that there Finger Slipped.
James:Ima snipe this guy so hard.
Mathew:Your so bad lol.
James:No my Finger Slipped.
by Logan Paul Words April 24, 2019
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when a person places there hand on your butt, and starts running it slowly toward the bottom of your butt cheeks and then slips a flinger between so it touches your privet parts
So the guy touch my butt and gave me the (finger slip)
and it kind of felt good!!!!
by AmberTamberKamber December 11, 2011
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An excuse used by mobile game players when they lose, Can only be used by 4930+ pb players th
Kyle* " Why did you lose Cali?!"
Cali* "My finger slipped"

Kyle* "oh alright it's not a lose then*
by Young PlatiCali May 08, 2018
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oops my finger slipped~ a saying used to sarcastically say you did something by accident (but you actually did it on purpose)
Friend~*kills me in-game*
Friend~oops my finger slipped
by XxZoexX August 09, 2020
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When your finger accidentally, or "accidentally", slips through the toilet paper while wiping your ass. The booty-hole should be caressed or penetrated. Often accompanied by a soft, yet gratified, giggle-moan.
My coworker exited the bathroom with a Cheshire smile after a Flava Finger Slip.
by ChawZed37 July 06, 2021
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The digit you try to slip in your girl’s booty hole during vaginal intercourse. It either gets a welcome greeting or a mad dash for the exit.
I gave Rachel the old slip finger last night. Well that ended everything.

I took my changes with the slip finger on Cathy last night and she took two knuckles.
by Eaton Holgoode February 08, 2018
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