Wonderful,a strong caring young man with a good head on his shoulders.Handsome,tall,all the girls want him for themselves.Mathews are never accidently conceived. Gift from God.
Mathew Niel
by omms February 3, 2010
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A very seductive and suave man who attracts foxy honeys. Known to make women orgasm with a wink. A monster in everything he does. A god in bed. Pops cherries with his sexy stare.
He is no Mathew
i saw Mathew
Mathew touched me
Mathew is so cool
i want to suck Mathew
i licked Mathew
by Big Black Brother July 11, 2008
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Mathew is beautiful, kind, has more passion then one can imagine, he's a best friend, he gives the best hugs in the world. He's a fighter for what he loves, he will walk miles just to see his other half, and most of all he has the most beautiful smile in the world. The most beautiful person one can meet.
Mathew? Yeah, he's amazing.

Yeah, he'll always be the one.
by Vee94 December 26, 2011
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A sweet sensitive guy, who has lots of friends. But only a few are his close ones. Mathew has deep eyes that are easy to get lost in. He stays with his girlfriend/the one he loves for long time periods. He tells the truth to protect people and their well being. He's cute and there's always more then one girl who wants him.
"Go ask Mathew he'll know!"
"Did you see Mathew and his girlfriend today? Awww" (:
by Kaitles July 4, 2011
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Mathew is probably one of the best people you know. He is kind, loving, forgiving, insecure, fun to be around, and awkward at times. Although others may look at him and see a ladies man, all he sees in himself is the average joe. Also, he may spend most of his time with girls, but make no mistake there is A few girls in his life who mean anything. They are his family members, and his girlfriend. He is someone who if he trusts you, you are most likely to become one of his greatest friends. But you have to work for his trust. Do not try to deceive him, it is not easily done. He is incredible
good at reading poeples emotions and will do anything to help a friend in need. But he is in a constant feeling of isolation. Feeling like nobody understands him, nobody understands what drives him to do what he does. When he does find someone who understands him, they end up using that against him. Or breaking his heart. If you end up as Mathew’s girlfriend, never break up with him unless you have to. He will love you unconditionally, and will always want to know how your doing and what he can help you with.
He wants to make sure your comfortable, he will grow so attached to you but he will respect your space. If there is anytime that you don’t want him around, all you need to do is tell him that you just want some you time. He will gladly let you go, because he cares about your well being. But if you break up with him, it will break his heart. Most likely, he will continue to be your friend and will try to win you over once more. But once he’s moved on he’s moved on, he never looks back. He will spend hours on end with the woman he loves. But if there is no special someone for him yet, he will spend time making friends searching for that special someone. Mathew is also really smart, most likely capable of skipping grades. But he chooses not to elaborate upon that potential so that he can stay with his friends and the people he loves. Taking AP enrollment classes, and doing many extracurricular activities. Among these is probably football, Mathew is amazing at football. He is coaches favorite, and might sign for varsity his freshman year. Combining this extreme intellect and athleticism, he becomes one of the most popular kids you know. But he does not use that to bloat. If faced with an opportunity, he will use it to help someone else. Mathew is pationate about the things that take his time. Be nice to Mathew, love Mathew, let him know that you are there for him and that he is not alone.
by I'm the OG March 10, 2019
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He is handsome, intelligent, fun, funny, charming and sweet. He also has the most incredible eyes I have ever seen in my life, you can lose yourself in them, but he tends to be a jerk. Most of the time he thinks he's irresistable. I have known him for a while and denies it, ignorant and will probably ignore people that he doesnt like or is "obsessed with him" but i sill really like him xD
Mathew Aram xD...o_o
by hahaschica September 25, 2010
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Mathew is a very chill British person. Like *VERY* chill. He usually won't start fights or anything big, he just sits back. He's also very caring. Although it doesn't seem like it on the outside, he really is :3. He's very unique and has his own way of doing things. He does seem to be a bit more on the emo side sometimes tho XD. He has a very cold exterior, but on the inside, he just wants to be cared about and not left. He also has a funny/comedic side, dark humor is more common with him, but he sometimes mixes it up a bit. He's very trustworthy and will not talk shit behind your back, so he's there for ya! Overall, he's just a really great person to have around, and a wonderful friend. His nickname is Maff.
by meme factory May 31, 2019
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