(v.) To lick ones finger and then touch another object, as if to indirectly lick something.
I am busting my ass here and she is over there finger licking her balls.
by WWMD April 29, 2009
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This is a gross habit that people initiate when they are eating. The louder they suck their fingers when they eat, the more horrible and worse it is. There are things to prevent this: see napkin, manners.
If people think childishly sucking on their thumbs or biting their fingernails are nasty and bad habits, then why don't they think the same bout finger licking? What do they all have in common? They all involve fingers in the mouth!!!
by Your Dad December 11, 2004
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When something is so deliciously awesome that you have to lick your fingers upon finshing it to get the full extravagance of the taste.
Sally: "Mmmm Catherine This Chicken Sure Is Finger Licking Good"
Catherine: "Thats Sweet home Dawg, Lick Your Fingers Then"
Sally: "Word!"
by QuadrupleAwesomeness August 13, 2008
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Putting all four fingers and thumb into someone's butthole then putting each finger into their mouth for them to taste
I slipped each digit into Judy's butt, then put each one in her mouth so she could taste herself. She loved the five finger lick
by Gdropguts January 06, 2017
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The act of a mother, or other host, serving up cake at a party, and licking her fingers each time she touches icing; therefore, leaving unwanted germs on the next person's piece she serves up.
Gross, did you see that finger licking host putting her nasty licked fingers on my piece of cake?
by quirky me July 30, 2010
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