Judi is one of the most beautiful girls you'll ever meet in your whole entire life, she's trustworthy, a loyal companion, and she can make a great spouse, if you ever meet a Judi, make sure to keep her close to you, because you don't want to miss the chance to have a Judi as a friend or a partner.
"Yo bro wanna hang out tonight?"
"Nah I'm busy with Judi."
"Aight fuck you simp."
"Ily2 bro."
by tawzhhh April 23, 2020
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The sweetest, most kind-hearted, most beautiful, classy, hott, sexy, intelligent, amazing women in the world - and she has no idea how amazing she is. If you really know her you will always love her cuz she will always love you. If you don't know her, then you don't know love.
I hope I can find a Judy some day.

Damn, that girl is so Judy.
by YummyYummyNummyNummy February 3, 2010
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That girl that everyone knows and loves, who is probably kind of a big deal.
"Man, there goes that Judi girl again!"
by LaceyFallon March 5, 2009
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Term used by gay males when referring to friendship among other gay men. This term is often preceeded by the word good which refers to a very close gay male friend.

This word originated from the actress who played Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, Judy Garland.
This also became a code word for gay males that referred to themselves and other gay males as a friend of Dorothy's.
"Roger is one of my judies."
"Of course I know Sean!! We're good judies!"
by MTE April 11, 2008
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A girl who is a big deal and who everyone loves.

She's always the small one and she has a great sense of humour. She is really fun to be around and will always brighten up the day.

She is always smiling and is usually the right person to talk to about problems.

This girl can keep secrets, she's trustworthy and is one of the best friends you will ever have.
Guy 1: Your girlfriend is a right Judi.
Guy 2: Yeah, im lucky to have her.

Girl 1: I wish i was more like a Judi
Girl 2: Yeah, i would love to be like that.
by Kizah September 1, 2010
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Judy is the most amazing , beautiful , smart and hilarious person you can ever meet. She can be so annoying , especially when your stressed or grumpy; but it's only to cheer you up. She is the most best friend in the whole world , well to me she is! Judy is also the most trustworthy person ever , she will keep all your secrets ( even your dirty secrets)
and will never let you down. She will always believe you and will always forgive you. For guys she is " the one ". And for girls she can be your long lost sister. ( she is a sister to me)
Nobody can replace her don't mess with me attitude and charm. She is unbelievably hilarious and you won't ever regret being friends with her. She is really tough but can be the most sweetest person ever! Always reliable and dependable , she is the person you wont ever wanna leave. She is the kind of person you want to grow old with as a friend or spouse. Your best friend to the end , that's my home girl Judy <3
Girl 1 : oh my gosh , Judy is such an awesome friend!

Girl 2 : IKR! she is like my soul sister!
by Niki XYZ June 8, 2011
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