Getting the 'Cutlery' (Fork, Spoon, Knife). loose terms for a night out.

Getting Forked (fucked, drunk), getting Spooned (sexual act, having sex), getting knifed (starting/getting involved in a fight)
X: dude, what'd you get up to last night
Y: Aw, I got the cutlery mate
X: What happened?
Y: well I was in town, absolutely pissed, get a bit jiggy with this chick, then her boyfriend shows up 'n' starts a fight
X: whada cunt
Y: 's what I told him...
by Lazmatazz November 8, 2009
When more than two people are spooning it becomes a cutlery drawer
Can I join in with the spooning? Sure! We can make a cutlery drawer!
by Basicallytbf. July 23, 2015
Homo Cutlery

When you accidentally take two of the same cutleries, two knives or two forks. Since homo means "the same".
- Damn, I got homo cutleries again but I'm too lazy to go and get a knife.
- Seems like I took two knives instead of a knife and a fork.
- So you got a homo cutlery, tough break.
by 13ET April 24, 2011
synonym for a 'woman'. placing emphasis on the fact she belongs in the kitchen, in a comical fashion, amongst the varying amounts of cutlery contained there.
me: you're a cutlery viking
woman a: oh, what does that mean?
me: it means you belong in the kitchen.
by Women's_rights_101 November 29, 2009
the almighty overlord of all spoons , master and superior being of the cutlery drawer , the most powerfull of all the rhubarbish creations and most likely the future ruler of the known universe , first the cutlery drawer then the kitchen then the WORLD ... MUAHHAHAHAHAHAH

''SPOONIFER THE CUTLERY MESIAH shall asemble an army of spoons from the mighty dishwasher and crush the rebelious forks from the cutlery drawer''
Typically this is a comment about someone who is really stupid, or so unconcerned about their safety that measures need to be taken in order to protect them from themselves and others from their dangerous tendencies.

Alternately, this might indicate how high on drugs a group of friends will get.
Exhibit A:
John: My cousin is coming over today and he's really really retarded. I have to hide the cutlery or he'll eat it, throw it at his eye, or jam it into a blender and start pressing buttons while dancing nude in the kitchen rubbing egg yolk and flour over his genitals.

John's friend: That is: hide-the-cutlery retarded.

Exhibit B:
Louise: My boyfriend gets so stoned after parties he pukes and sleeps in it frequently, and I'm really worried that he might hurt himself. Last week I found him so stoned that he was doing hot-knives in the bedroom and he fell asleep with the torch on. Luckily he didn't knock it over when he started convulsing.

Louise's friend: He sounds like he's hide-the-cutlery retarded. Just hide the knives and maybe he won't try doing any late night hot-knife sessions?

Exhibit C:
Mark: Dude I just scored a 1/4 lb of some prime Jamaican gummy hash!!!
Mark's friend: Let's get hide-the-cutlery retarded!!!!!
Mark: FUCK YEAH!!!!
by bloodchills July 21, 2010
Someone who is so stupid that it would behoove you to hide the silverware so that they don't injure themselves with it.
Timmy is hide-the-cutlery-retarded, he just asked me which band did "Stairway to Heaven". WOW.
by MimiMarquez July 21, 2010