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Those that think the term 'indie' is dressing in skinny spray on jeans colourful t-shirts and cardigans from topman, and listening to the libertines.

Guy 1: Hey man you like my skinny jeans? What about my new £8 t-shirt, got them from the new Topman.

Guy 2: Yeah got my cotton cardy from there too, was only £14.

Guy 3: Heard that new Libertines song? thats so fucking indie man!

Guy 3: Fucking findies.
by Slawted March 15, 2009
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Shortened abbreviation of ‘Fake Indie’. Someone who claims to be a fan of indie rock, however their favourite song by Oasis is ‘Wonderwall’.
James: woah, I was at the Arctic Monkeys concert last night and the girl in front of me could only sing R U Mine
Me: woah, she is such a findie
by KTlinMorton February 28, 2018
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a combination of the words 'fit' and 'indie' used to describe a fit-indie girl.
>>>"woah! look at that girl with the kooky hair, skinny fit jeans and retro mickey mouse t-shirt; findie!"<<<
by matt88 October 23, 2006
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