It is a saying used when someone just did or said something dumb and ignorant as fuck; or they are throwing more shade than an oak tree. The person saying it is implying that you need to take a chill pill and relax.
Girl #1: She is such a fake bitch I'm gonna fight her next time I see her.

Girl #2: You know she will beat the shit out of you, sit down and find your chill before she drags your ass.
by NevillePowerbottom August 05, 2014
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to be able to find something you like doing, and to do it with passion, zeal, energy and enthusiasm
To find your mojo in a job you dislike is to try to grind coffee beans with your bare teeth. It's almost nearly impossible.
by Arunabh Das Sharma June 17, 2008
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One of the greatest songs by Drizzy>Drake,about some jealous freaky lookin gang leader who does some freaky looking shit like KILLIN PEOPLE!!!
Person1* Did you see Drizzy;s music video Find Your Love
Person2* yeah that Mavado junk was freaky
by Twirl n Swirl June 14, 2010
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synonomous with "whatever floats your boat"
Corey: Hey Kelly, want some of this mustard for your PB&J?

Kelly: What the hell? This is PB&J, don't use mustard...

Corey: I like it...

Kelly: Whatever finds your nemo, ya freak.
by sunnydarastagal May 11, 2010
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Find a single totally bad-ass thing to accomplish that will live on forever.

this expression refers to Luke Skywalker destroying the death star, one of his most bad-ass accomplishments.
guy 1: "I work hard every day, but never seem to feel any sense of fulfillment."

guy 2: "dude, you gotta find your death star."
by one of the wise ones November 10, 2010
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