When you lose lots of money against your will or unexpectedly.
Ben: Hey, wanna go see a movie tonight?

Rodney: I can't, I spent all my money on that 'Free' Romanian gaming website.

Ben: Damn financial rape
by Kentucky Fried Dragon November 21, 2008
When people take financial advantage of those less fortunate than themselves because they can.
When solicitors quote you $3000 and $50 000 they are still sending you bills because they can, that's financial rape.

Doctors charging people with Cancer, ten's of thousands of dollars for treatment because they know the patients have no other choice - that's financial rape.
by simtay April 13, 2011
When someone acts like he/she is in love with you, is having sex with you but in reality is after your money.
Man this is financial rape. She took all his money and left him.
by BravoDance July 16, 2021
1. An unwilling commitment of money

2. When a person or persons loose your money
1. Hey man can u give me 2 dollars for a beer?
(Grumble) Fine.... Your lucky i don't call the cops and put u in jail for Financial Rape charges

2. Hey do you and your wife want to take a cruise to the Caribbean with us?

No I'm being financially raped by my bank right now, so I'm practically broke.
by Jerry Rude May 16, 2011
When you have to pay way too much for something that you know is way cheaper at other places or just shouldn't cost that much at all.
Jeremy: Hey bro. How much did you pay for that beer?
Jefferson: 8 bucks.
Jeremy: You just got financially raped.
by JTHAO July 5, 2009
It is when somebody or someone takes advantage of your money when they know that you have it.
Man1: My girlfriend discovered that I saved enough money to buy that white kicks so she threatened me a break-up if I didn't bring her to the movies.

Man2: sue her..

Man1: what for?

Man2: for financial rape, duh.
by Broke bloke August 27, 2009