Character from a videogame called Final Fantasy VIII in the popular Final Fantasy series by Squaresoft. Main female lead character, with both a large following of fans and an equally large following of haters.
Rinoa's statistics tend to develop quite higher than any other characters in the game.
by Rinoa September 1, 2004
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A name which is usually reserved for females and is most common in Japan. It was popularized through the immensely successful game Final Fantasy VIII, in which Rinoa Heartilly is a young and beautiful woman who is the central female figure in the game. She has developed a sort of "cult devotion" in the video game world and is often seen in mcuh fan artwork and discussion.
Squall Leonhart was standing by himself on the side of the great ballroom while the procession of song and dance filled the air with a lively sound. Rinoa Heartilly was one of the guests at the graduation party and noticed the stout young man confidently resting his back across from the centre of room. She walked over and playfully remarked that he was the most handsome man she had seen all night and asked to dance wth him. Squall, being of a secluded nature who wished to keep to himself, did not feel up to the invitiation even from one of the most beautiful woman he had seen and provided the excuse that he could not dance. Rinoa insisted and grabbed Squall's hand, pulling him into the action of the dance floor. As a familiar waltz broke out into a lovely dance scene, the beginnings of the strongest of bonds was forged as the two starngers danced.
by Alex Q. February 22, 2005
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THE reason for hentai... shame none of them can do it right :'(
WOW!!! look at her!!! nice clothes, beautiful hair, nice personality... waaaaaah i want her
by kuponutmog April 18, 2005
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An extremely annoying Final Fantasy female who is the perfect example of a canon Mary Sue.
I wanna dig Rinoa's heart out with a spoon and hang her by her own entrails!
by Teh Cat May 29, 2004
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someone that isn't ever going to be real, because she's way too perfect.
she made sqaull talk!Quistis bugged him for ages, andhe still wouldn't acknowledge her existense....
by kimi March 16, 2004
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Rinoa Heartilly is the lead heroine of SquareEnix' RPG master-piece, Final Fantasy VIII. Rinoa, contrary to popular belief, is neither a princess, nor is she a brat; she is perhaps the most human/multi-dimensional character to date. She is caring, beautiful, charming and courageous, whilst she is also bossy, frightened and demanding. Rinoa is the epitome of what it really means to be human, because no one is perfect.

Rinoa, unbeknownst even to herself, is a descendant of the great god Hyne, and therefore has the innate ability to be a sorceress. As the great epic that is FFVIII unravels, we find out that Rinoa is the sorceress Ultimecia from the future. Having lost her Knight, she became corrupted by her own power and more or less destroyed the world. She becomes bitter and twisted and so tainted by her own magic that her physical self morphs into that of a hideous beast.

Wanting to return to the time when she was young and beautiful, and had her lover Squall Leonhart by her side, she creates Time Kompression; a state of reality where all levels of time 'past, present & future' are combined. Destined to be slain by the man she loves, Ultimecia is vanquished and Time Kompression is reversed, thus sparing her younger self, Rinoa Heartilly from ever enduring such a fate again.

As Time is once again righted, Rinoa Heartilly lives happily ever after with Squall Leonhart.
Rinoa Heartilly is a touching, heartfelt character who's very enthusiasm and love of life compels those around her.

... Rinoa Heartilly is not a copy in any way, shape or form of Final Fantasy VII's Tifa Lockhart.
by Satanic Faerie April 18, 2007
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