An item that is a figment of your imagination is by default 'Figmental' also meaning 'Imaginary'.
"Oh look, there's that Figmental Monkey again."
by Cavemark June 28, 2007
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A writing website for teens. Not lame like Inkpop and fanfiction, though.
I posted my poem on figment and people are loving it
by Astralhaze Wellington February 15, 2011
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something invented, made up, or fabricated; an invention; a fiction; something feigned or imagined
Social figments, feints, and formalism. --Mrs. Browning
It carried rather an appearance of figment and invention . . . than of truth and reality. --Woodward.
by Dani May 23, 2003
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Figmentation: verb a)The act of being a figment. See Figment
b) The personification of figmentlike qualities.
c) Maintaining that one doesn't really exist and you (the one experiencing the figment) are just interacting with your own mind.

Person A - (upon finding someone standing behind them)
"Hey! How long have you been standing here?"
Person B -
"I'm not here. I'm a figment of your imagination."
Person A -
"You're being a figmentation again!!!"
Person B -
:shrugs: "eh."
by Figment January 13, 2007
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Most people who play the online game of "runescape" would know the term "Fear Figment" originates from the Latin word Lagayoshemalas. Translates into a homosexual shemale.
You see two men kissing. Then one of them turn around and kiss a woman. YOU FRIGGING FEAR FIGMENT!
by Cheese From TLP July 20, 2006
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