Figgi is the best r6 player in the world
Figgi has a back problem from carrying dajusi so much
by Frikkoz September 09, 2018
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For use as a noun, verb, or adj; it can stand for anything. If it sounds like it will fit a situation, it does.
There's figgy everywhere!!

That was a figgy-fail.

He figgied all over her face.

He's getting his figgy on.

He whipped his figgy out.
by Lutie22 March 03, 2009
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Short for figuratively because its too hard to say. And saying that you are "literally about to die" is dumb because you are not ACTUALLY going to die you are figuratively going to die.
Louisa: "How was the English Essay"
Hana: "So fucking hard my mum is figgy going to kill me"
by hanahoe November 07, 2018
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A nickname for anybody with the last name Figueroa preferably a boy
"Ay Figgy" yo Figgy going ham
by beautiful mind July 08, 2015
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To act strange or unlike a normal human.

Alternative definition: broke as fuck
1st: "Conor was trying to stab a rock into a tree yesterday, it was quite figgy of him"

2nd: "Why are you shopping in lidl?? That's pure figgy"
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someone (Mr harrup) who thinks theyre great at everything and will make sure you know about it. short for FIGJAM
fuck i hate mr harrup he's such a figgy
by bd696969 October 10, 2018
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