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The only time of year everyone watches soccer/football. The world championship of soccer/football, held every 4 years and lasts about a month.
In 2006, the Fifa World Cup Final will be Italy vs. France.
The 2006 world cup was held in Germany this year.
by Adrian July 07, 2006
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FIFA = Freakishly Inept Football Accuracy. The FIFA World Cup is the most overrated, piece of shit sporting event which is held once EVERY FOUR FUCKING YEARS, just to see either Brazil or Italy win it all. The FIFA World Cup produces the most incompetent, mentally impaired refs for the games. The 2010 World Cup is the biggest example. England v Germany, an English player's shot hit the top of the post and was PAST THE LINE as it went it, and the goalie got the ball AFTER it went in and the goal didn't count. It would have tied the game up at 2, which would have given England a chance to win the game. U.S. v England, the U.S. scores a goal that should not have counted. Ghana v U.S., Donovan gets a penalty kick after a Ghanaian player (apparently) tripped up Clint Dempsey, even though the player was AHEAD of Dempsey and Dempsey tripped himself! In the same game, Jozy "the joke" Altidore tripped himself by accidentally kicking his leg, and the defender was called for a foul. Mexico v Argentina, Argentina scored their first goal, even though they were COMPLETELY OFFSIDE when Carlos Tevez headed in the goal.

In short, the FIFA World Cup is held for 1 month every 48 months and is absolutely fucking pathetic. It's a disgrace to every other sporting event, and other than Brazil, Argentina, Italy and France, NO ONE ELSE has a chance of winning. Pathetic, just fucking pathetic. And people get hyped us for this...PFFT!

Free your minds and come into the 21st century.
FIFA World Cup fanatic: MEXICO SUCKS!
Me: No, Argentina sucks. They scored an offside goal, and they bitched about it to the refs when the Mexican players were trying to explain to the incompetent refs that it was fucking offside. Pathetic WC fanatics...
by FIFAWorldCupisPATHETIC June 27, 2010
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