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A nickname for a smart, beautiful, kind, sweet girl. She will always make you laugh when you don't wanna and is always there for you. She is what a lot of people call out going but is really shy when you first meet her. Is a amazing friend and better girlfriend. She is loyal and always have your back. She is a good listener and has gone through things herself but doesn't show is much. She is very loveable and caring. If you have her a girlfriend you better keep her because she will love you till the end.
by Unicornsandrainbows10023 August 14, 2019
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1. noun. It is the sudden feeling of an inexplicable joy one gets when something romantic or idealistic occurs.

When kilig, one may experience the following:

*butterflies in one's stomach
*heart melting
*shivers down one's spine
*irrepressible noises from one's mouth
*uncontrollable smiling
*an inner conflict between hope of something wished for and reality

Kilig may also be defined as that mountain top, floating, on cloud nine, invincible, i-could-keep-smiling, heart aching goodness and feeling which overpowers the mind's ability to think straight, act straight, breathe properly and articulate thoughts into a single comprehensible sentence.
KILIGS much?? ^_^
by mis2n.yoo June 07, 2011
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Noun: A big black boss of a man.
Verb: 1. To put your back on an opponent and absolutely destroy him by putting him on his ass.
2. To completely dominate another human being.
Adjective: Something or someone that is an absolute tank/beast.
Noun: "Oh that Jozy Altidore, what a fucking manimal."
Verb: "Shit dude, you just got Jozyd. We should get you to a hospital."
Adjective: "That is one Jozy hotdog. You could stop someones heart with that thing."
by watsgoodwiththehood February 06, 2010
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My Jozy iz impeckably Zexy!
by HINUZVAGETA January 04, 2021
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Jozy,... let's just say if you meet her she is one crazy gal with a big personality. She is ofter quite with a hinge of a virgo vibe to her. Idk but I don't make the rules here. If you ever find her, don't forget to take some rap music and hit the town with her. She will love it.
Dude 1: Why do you like her so much?

Dude 2: Bc she is a Jozy
by *Lps.Dreams* May 31, 2020
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