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A thursday night room cleaning to prep for a inspection friday morning that is required to go way beyond the point of clean to ridiculous things like no ice in your freezer, no water in your sink, no hygiene products in your shower. Most of the time you truly believe that someone woke up one morning, sat down with a pen and paper and just came up with a bunch of ridiculous things to look for in these "inspections". Basically Field day is just another tool used by Marine Corps leadership to piss off and demoralize Marines on a weekly basis.
by GROWLyou1234 December 09, 2009
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A United States Marine Corps Field Day is very simple to explain. The bottom line is that it is done once a week and it is comprehensive. It is not a "Haze Ex" nor is it a way to "Punish the boots". It is a disciplinary tool to be used to instill a little self discipline so that rooms stay sanitary and Marines stay sharp.

Unfortunately, in the hands of inexperienced leaders, it becomes a haze ex. This was never the intent. When you think of all the discipline tools we have lost in the past 20 years, The "field day is one of the last things that makes a Marine different from a "service member". Never lose your traditions...
We are gonna field day the shit out of this place!
by zmancali November 22, 2012
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1. n. a silly adventure. 2. n. a day in elementary school where children do track and field. 3. v. (orig. US Coast Guard) to clean beyond the point of all logic.
1. Those kids had a field day with those squirt guns. 2. I love the shot put at field day. 3. You boys did not field day the head. You just cleaned it.
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
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One day out of the week (generaly Thursday) when you are forced to clean everything in your room or squad bay like it was fresh out of the department store. Your work is then inspected by someone with higher rank (who's house has probably never been "field day'd") and it is this persons responsibility to find any spec of dust, wrinkled sheets, and/or pubic hair in and around the most ridiculous places you could imagine.
JJ: We have field day tonight.

Sean: What? Tell everyone I died man, I'm dipping out!
by Shmegula October 26, 2006
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1. Yeah whatever we already know the definition of field day that EVERYONE knows... (that day in elementary school once a year when you go play general fuck around outside) but i have a better definition... 2. When someone in authority/authority of feelings has fun just because they have the power to, its really not necessary, because in most cases the person does it just to be an authoratative asshole. 2a someone in authority can be a fire commissioner that goes into a loaded club when everyone is having fun and orders it closed (what an asshole) hes probably pissed off and jealous because he cant grind with the hot girls because he is married. 2b someone in authority of feelings is when someone you really care about is a fuckin stupid immature asshole about it and maybe, just maybe, a possibility of a little prick of a thought; grow the fuck up a little and get a clue (however, that may be too much to ask for a stuck up bitch) so they dont get a clue and basicly dont give a shit about any one but themselves. Thanks.
im only gonna do an example for 2a.. Hey , OH SHIT ?! WTF?! why the fuck are they closing the club? ... because the fire commisioner decided to have a field day with the amount of people in the club and issue summonses/tickets to the owner and kick everyone out with police escort ... wat the fuck man, this is bullshit there were so many hot girls i was dancin with
by MYNAMEIST January 23, 2007
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All that is holy and sacred in the Marine Corps. Thursday night when we all drink and laugh at the stupid boots running around the barracks with their mops and brooms.

Traditionally the drunker we get the more they clean, sometimes all night until the next morning's inspection. (Or until we pass out, which ever happens first) However in light of the large volume of pussies that have become Marines in recent years, "Field Day" as been regulated (actually raped) and turned into a pathetic half ass coast guard "general clean up."

The result of too many Marines crying and whinnying to their mothers about how unfair it is. (see also hazing & p.t. for more examples)

Now we must come up with new and more innovative ways of making the shower shoes suffer...

Me: "Hey sh*thead stop falling out of the run

Sh*thead: I can't help it, I'm too fat and lazy to keep up

Me: That's fine, I'll get it back during "Field Day" tonight

by USMC - Commanding August 25, 2007
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Used to describe a cricket that is having a exceptional performance with the bat or ball. Used mainly in insane chat in the feild.
He’s having a field day out there
by Mid range max March 13, 2018
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