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A generic term given by professionals in the medical field to appease hypochondriacs who bog down the hospitals and doctors time. Similar to irritable bowel syndrome (I.B.S) given to those who constantly live off fast food and a poor diet resulting in diarrhea and poor motility of the intestinal tract. A fibromyalgia diagnosis is given to middle aged attention seeking hypochondriacs with underlying mental and psychological issues. Marital breakdown/ depression/ sexual frustration or a feeling of inadequacy is a common profile of its "sufferers", while people with the exact same tiredness and sore muscles who work for a living and have responsibility go undiagnosed their whole life time. In an age of hundreds of genders it is now upon us to create new illness terms for those who now require one.
Because of her sense of entitlement and "woe is me,my life is so tough and I shouldn't have to work in life, that's for suckas" Connie gave up on the undiagnosable lower back soft tissue workers compensation claim (although she did get oxycodone prescriptions regularly and resold them) and got with the new trendy: I'm lazy and need handouts because I'm tired and sore sometimes and have deadly fibromyalgia and got bounced from educated doctors to quack specialists after years of abusing the medical system, yay me!
by Freudian Sigmund1 October 08, 2018
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Fibromyalgia is a secret code amongst health care workers meaning "you're a worthless sack of shit, please go away."
You have Fibromyalgia. You're a worhless sack of shit. Please go away.
by Browndell June 12, 2009
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A disease developed by doctors as a diagnosis for Hypochondriacs. They often prescribe Lyrica - which is actually a placebo.

If you believe you suffer from this disease, look in your medicine cabinet. If you have anything other than Asprin you may want to consult your doctor.
I hurt everywhere and I'm really sad for no reason. My fibromyalgia must be acting up.
by C.Ass.E June 19, 2014
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Fibromyalgia is codified bitchiness.
As a woman, I can have fibromyalgia, and so can be a ridiculous bitch. As a male, you can't, and don't.
by modelguy July 04, 2016
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The term fibromyalgia is derived from three words – “fibro” is a Latin word meaning fibrous tissues such as tendons and ligaments that connect bones to muscles and bones respectively.

The middle part “my” is derived from the word “myo” meaning muscles.

The word “algia” refers to pain.

The word literally means pain in the fibrous tissues. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome of multiple symptoms rather than just pain.
My Fibromyalgia has really flared up today, my muscles are causing me so much pain all over my body!
by Skippy91 January 26, 2015
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Literally: "muscle pain" A diagnosis made in the absence of pathology, i.e. the antithesis of disease. Normally - but not always - presents in older, obese women who are unsuccessful at some aspect of their life - sexual, financial, career. It is a real phenomenon - but it is the somatic expression of depression, not a physical disease. Commonly treated, unfortunatley, by narcotics. Counseling and therapy would be better.
How come your mom's on disability?

She has fibromyalgia, so her best friend is morphine.

by phormio of Athens October 25, 2006
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The disease that people claim is assailing the when they are done with working, responsibilities, house cleaning, body cleansing, and any other activity requiring and real exercise or movement of the body.
Dude, your Mom stinks man!
Yeah, she's got fibromyalgia, she's decided not to shower anymore.
by ouchie1 May 31, 2005
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