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An exclamation combining the words Fuck and Shit, it can be used as a negative statement standing in for "fuck that shit", or in a positive sense "that's the fucking shit".

Typically this portmanteau of fucking shit is used to swear in the presence of those who would otherwise frown upon the use of profane utterances: teachers, parents, and obnoxious religious acquaintances.
Fhit, I'm out of here.

Oh man, that's the FHIT!

Fhit Jessica you're looking large, as in fat.
by Nforest November 08, 2010
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1. noun/verb (fih-it) The past tense verb of an individual farting and having a squirt of shit come out. Can also be used to describe the residue left behind by the action.
1. I just fhit my pants.

2. I fhit in this chair quite nicely.
by Craigburnsy March 06, 2007
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If a shart is more fart than shit, then a fhit is more shit than fart.
"Les ate a pound of hummus and some taco bell....later that evening he got a stomach flu, lost control of his bowels and fhit himself. His girlfriend Leslie was not happy that she had to clean it up."
by The Jenkem King November 19, 2008
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1) a fit lad used if a lad is fitter than oof but not before choof
1) oh wow he is just F.H.I.T !!!
by HEATHER July 01, 2004
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