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When you are so depressed, all you want to do is go back in time and crawl back into the womb assuming the fetal position, wishing you were never born.
Bruv that's bare fetal!
by Bubzy G January 27, 2017
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the desired position or 'space' a person withdraws into when life and all its trials gets a little tough - yearning to retun to the womb imagery.

also a term used when noticing the pixie-like facial features that match the effects of fetal-alcohol syndrome -mother drinking when child was in-utero.

Q:"hey you seen justin lately?"
A:"yeah hes been all fetal since his girl left"


"who the fuck is that fetal dude on our couch watching my DVD's?"

Def B:

"bro i met your cousin last week, she looked pretty fetal - is there a history of heavy drinking in your family?"

by hartattack April 01, 2006
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adj. Describes an awkward person or situation...the state of wishing to return to the womb due to excessive embarrassment/stupidity
Whoa...that was fetal, man.
by =west= October 10, 2003
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Something that is on the brink, ready to emerge/take-off. Pre-birth and/or ready for mass consumption. Birth = opposite of "ghosted".
Kyle: "Dude, I like that idea. It has a lot of promise" Clif: "Ya man, I it's totally FETAL."
by Clif Hirtle July 07, 2005
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