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Former-Beatle Paul McCartney.

Used wildly & affectionately by the music press throughout his solo career.
"have you heard the latest musical offering from Macca?"

"yeah its shit."
by hartattack May 15, 2004
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is what you call someone who constantly interrupts you when you are trying to be funny.

the bald band-leader on the 'late show with david letterman' schaffer wrote the 1983 hit 'it's raining men' but is perhaps most famous for the worst segment on Letterman; 'stump the band'

Schaffer also looks like the worm in tim burtons 1996 version of 'james and the giant peach'
"shut up paul schaffer - you're ruining my act"

"someone turn of paul schaffers mike will ya"

by hartattack January 18, 2006
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The infamously-moustached cricket umpire who died during a bondage and discipline session in 1989. His panicking mistress dumped his bound body into the raging Huka Falls, introducing sexually naive New Zealand to the word 'Dominatrix'

Also a popular student drinking game and subject of a shortlived ballad.
popular smutty schoolground joke:

Q: "What were Peter Plumley-Walkers Last words?"

A: "I said hook my balls, not Huka Falls!"
by hartattack January 18, 2006
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A small rural town where simple folk are more concerned with their honest work; milking & slaughtering cows, than worrying about their lack of sophisticated city amenities such as niteclubs & art gallerys.

cowtown's commonly advertise for new blood with a low population count under their town signage.
"what cowtown did you just blow in from ? they wont let you in looking like tumbleweed; we're eating at Prego!"

by hartattack January 18, 2006
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the desired position or 'space' a person withdraws into when life and all its trials gets a little tough - yearning to retun to the womb imagery.

also a term used when noticing the pixie-like facial features that match the effects of fetal-alcohol syndrome -mother drinking when child was in-utero.

Q:"hey you seen justin lately?"
A:"yeah hes been all fetal since his girl left"


"who the fuck is that fetal dude on our couch watching my DVD's?"

Def B:

"bro i met your cousin last week, she looked pretty fetal - is there a history of heavy drinking in your family?"

by hartattack April 2, 2006
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