A different way of saying the word, "For Real?" or "Oh really?"

Said usually in to show you are surprised, confused, disappointed, etc.
Chris: I herd you liek mudkipz

James: Ferreally?!

Chris: Ya RLY!

James: =O!
by TehSpicyTaco August 17, 2009
"For" and "real" combined. Pronounced "fer-rehl." Officially said by Bailey and has been said around California for months. Used in place of agreement and conformation.
Wanna go to the beach? We haven't been in hella long." "Hell yeah brah, ferreal.
by heybaybay214 July 3, 2011
same meaning as yes
person 1: I almost got killed by a paper airplane today, it was awesome!!

person 2: duuddde ferreal!!!
by SUPER EMO#1 January 4, 2009
(Also furreal)

A fast or slang version of the phrase "for real," meaning the truth or and affirmation.
(Talking about a rapist climbin' in your windows.)

Antione Dodson: You are really dumb, ferreal.
by KC123A October 21, 2010
Saying "fer sure" and "fer reals". At the same time.
Guy 1: Dude, is you mom a nazi?
Guy 2: Ferreallys.
by shelby xaviar sarsparilla February 9, 2010