The best boyfriend in the world. If you have him, keep him. He puts hard work and effort into his relationships. If he tells you he loves you, he really does love you with all of his hear.
Girl 1: omg he's so hot
Girl 2: I know he must be an AntioneM
by Apple6458325673467809743124689 November 19, 2017
Sexy, baby very kind caring always there for you and will hopefully never let you down and is very aggressive at times
by Ffkedhiibb November 20, 2017
His teeth big as fuck he always starting shit boys name Antione can’t fight they always exposing people damn business and they are faggats
Antione why you tell that girl that I like her
a guy who is really cool caring and at the same time will tell you were to go and what to do when you get there.
oh i love that kid he's such an antione!!!
by girls track '05- thanx April 29, 2005
the act of answering your own question or assuming you are correct least in your own mind..or completing someone elses thought
you think Im fat dont u?,is asking a question and assuming that the answer is yes,is an antion
by don paterson March 2, 2008
A person that is stupid and has lots of crackhead energy
Hey that guy over there is retarded, his name is definitely Antion
by Bobby almora December 24, 2019