A guy with NOOOO chill whatsoever. Known as the Desert King.
Ex. "Damn Fernie, you got noooooo chill."
by stefany September 18, 2014
Special drink, only tasted by high society, consist of Vodka, Passoa and natural orange juice. Girls can't resist a real man who has this drink.
Girl #1: Wow what drink is that on that hot man's hand?
Girl #2: A ferni, obviously
by GOODDRINKERS May 19, 2011
1. A hole that isn't actually a hole, not as big of a whole as Sparwood, and Elkford isnt big enough to be defined as a hole, more a dip.
2. Amazing in the winter due to drunk Aussies that come for skiing.
Fernie is a hole!
Fernie is a hole full of aussies in the winter!
by Iliveintheholefernie October 30, 2008
Shit, Crap.
See Shit
Eww, you stepped in ferny
by Toan March 31, 2004
The biggest hole(except Sparwood) in British Columbia
I can't wait to get the hell out of Fernie, B.C.
by Veya February 17, 2008
Total douchebag liar that has no respect for women
That's a Fernie you want to stay away from
by Ganelle February 26, 2016
I low-key guy who is always straight up. He checks up on you when you need help. He's attractive but his best trait is his personality. He has really good style and knows how to dress. He likes to play video games, but he would rather do something outside. He is a popular loner meaning he is well-known but not too popular. Lastly, he has a cock bigger than

your average size.
I dropped my books today and none other than Fernie picked them up.
by iluvpancakeslol February 24, 2021