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Fernandas are the most faithful girls you'll ever meet; They are gorgeous and draw lots of atttention not only are they beautiful they are super smart they are innocent but very freaky when you get on that side of them. Fernanda's have amazing bodies and faces but fail to see that ; When it comes to love fernanda's get attachted so easily and get heart broken alot. A fernanda is one amazing friend and will always be by your side. If you have a fernanda dont let her go if shes failed to you she wont do it again and when a Fernanda says sorry she means it with all her heart they are very trustworthy and wont let you down.
Girl 1: Im hate Fernanda just look at her!
Boy 2: You hate her cause you aint her.
Boy 1 : Damn look at Fernanda she's so hot!
Boy 2: Don't even try she has a boyfriend and shes 100% his.
by ilovejaja October 08, 2015
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Fernanda is literally the sweetest and prettiest girl you will ever meet, she is absolutely gorgeous and sooo smart it will blow your mind. She is a total math geek but has a quirky style and is a total foreign hottie. She has a perfect bootie and has a wild side to her. She is super loyal to her friends and bf or gf (sometimes she’s bi she’s just that cool:)) DONT mess with her or she will beat u up. Fernanda I love you so much:)
Riley:Ugh Fernanda is over there let’s leave
Tom:no way she’s a total hottie and she’s smart too
Ryan: you just hate her cause you ain’t her bitch
Riley: ugh I wish I was a Fernanda
by DerekLucioIsCool September 25, 2018
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Fernanda is a beautiful soul. She brings light into everyone’s lives, she can make your day with her smile and fill your heart with her eyes. Fernanda has such a kind heart, she loves deeply and trustingly, she’s mature and so smart, she has a great connection with herself and God, which inspires people to reach towards that. She is innocent but wild, fierce yet so lovable.
Fernanda I love you
¿Quieres ser mi novia?
by davidcarlose September 27, 2018
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a beautiful girl that every guy follows around and that every girl wants to be
Stefan: look at fernanda she looks beautiful today
Amanda: shit she looks that good everyday
by ariana <3 January 30, 2007
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Fernanda’s have a way of getting thousands of friends, there is not one person she isn’t friends with. Fernanda is loyal asf and any guy (or girl) would be lucky to have her. If you’re friends with a Fernanda, and ANYONE hurts you then you they get the shit beaten out of em’!
Girl one: Hey do you know Fernanda?
Girl two: Yeah! Ofc I know her!
by Bigdaddyuhh69 November 06, 2018
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Fernanda is a beautiful, nice, sweet, extremely smart, foreign hottie! She will defend her friends, confront and beat bitches, and protect her main hoes. She has blonde hair, big booty, and long flawless legs. She is always lighting up the room and telling jokes to lighten the mood.
Guy 1: Hey look at that foreign hottie!
Guy 2: Oh she must be a Fernanda!
by asdfghjkl asdfghjkl November 15, 2014
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A girl that is a horrible friend but nice on Snapchat (sometimes) and sends pictures of her face because she thinks she is pretty, and she always makes anyone her "best friend"
Ughhh, here comes Fernanda.
by someonefromtheinternet June 22, 2017
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