Ferda, or for the boys, used to describe mcgangbangs, burgies, chugs, post smash, buckets, tits, big ass, Copenhagen and tillys.

Hit up pucksnaps78 for ferda snaps.
John is so ferda, he did two girls in one night.

The leafs game was ferda. Lots of tillys then saw some 1st rounders at mcdicks and picked up some mcgangbangs.
by leafsburgs4theboys January 13, 2018
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a word that wannabe Canadian teenage hockey players use to make themselves seem cool but is actually repulsive to every other person
Boy: that was so ferda
Everyone: shut up
by Henry king James October 07, 2017
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Ferda referring to ferda boys, or "for the boys". Only imbeciles use this phrase and those who do are destined to be forever alone. Good luck to those poor soles.
Ben says to Adam, "it's not gay if it's ferda boys"
by SavageAttack January 26, 2017
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(1)A phrase which is commonplace in Canada or the hockey community. An abbreviation, of sorts, of the phrase “for the”. Generally alluding to “for the boys”.

(2)A person or action that is seen to be in the benefit of -
Chad: I just grabbed some brews, ferda
Brad: Bro, you’re the best. That was totally for the boys.

Chad: Yeah! Ferda
by NarrWahl February 21, 2019
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A slang term used by hockey players meaning "for the." Often used in conjunction with "the boys." If you ever say ferda you will be automatically identified as a person with a very small penis.
Some Canadian: Eh, you sniped a dinger at the puck game eh baud?
Some other Canadian: Hell ya, ripped ched top shelf ferda boys
Innocent Bystander: Man he must have a 2 inch
by Definition Priest June 06, 2017
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