Commonly used among hockey players. It means "For the" for short. Like ferda boys and for the boys. Also used to describe someone as a good friend or something that sounds cool.
Riley: Wanna play some puck ferda?
Jonesy; That sounds pretty ferda.
by Ya I'd say so How bout it. January 18, 2017
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Commonly used in Canada, an action or moment done to benefit "the boys" usually used in compliance with "FTB".
Dave: Liam gets the award for most Ferda moment of the year,

Nick: Why?
Dave: Because he banged his girlfriend then broke up with her
Nick: Thats pretty Ferda
by yap1020 October 2, 2013
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A commonly used slang in hockey that stand for FTB or For The Boys, can also be used to abreviate "for the."
This one's Ferda boys.

Nick did it Ferda boys.
by Ferda bois April 6, 2017
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Ferda: used in any scenario where the action is "for the" boys, often means "for the boys" just by its self. Anyone who uses this word has a huge cock or big tits if female. Used most by hockey players and Canadians, and exclusively by beauty's
Beauty 1 - see me rip one top cheese tonight on that tendy?

Beauty 2 - fuckin eh bud it was ferda
Beauty 1 - hopefully it makes the highlight reel on ps28
by Tendyferda June 14, 2017
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“Ferda” is used when referencingFor the boys.”
Becky’s ass will always be ferda, she’s not build for a relationship.
by GoodNyborg May 18, 2018
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Ferda is a girls name. The origin of the name is from the ancient Persian. The meaning of the name: Future, Light of the future, Tomorrow, Beyond.
by greenorgange1 November 27, 2021
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