She is the most FERDA girl around. Wow did you see what she did last night that was so FERDA. #ferdasid
by FERDA Sid February 12, 2018
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A spin on the classic Hawaiian hang gesture (often associated with surfers) used to show a sign of respect and excitement, specifically for the boys (ferda boys). When one sends a difficult trick for the boys.
Shaka ferda bro let’s go shred at the beach.

Shaka ferda, send it for the boys.
by Tourmaline July 05, 2021
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An organization from Cumberland, Rhode Island created by a group of crackers who defend themselves through the hardships of life and hoes.
omg here comes the ferda republic, watch out
by Mr. Steadmen October 07, 2019
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A group of badass motherfuckers you mess with them your getting fist to face
Becky: did you hear about pucksnaps

John: yeah I love them ferda bois
by Let's go April 02, 2017
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