A family selfie - a photo taken of a family by one of the family members in the photo.
John, the youngest child, took a felfie of his entire family.
by JoJoDaYoYo May 31, 2014
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Selfie taken with a feline companion (a.k.a. cat).
She's a crazy cat lady; her facebook wall is full of felfies.
by Rilwen May 21, 2016
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Felfie; A Felfie can quickly be summed up as a "fake selfie" or a photograph taken of ones self that is not actually of the person they say it is. It is commonly used by males and females who send photos out to a person (male or female) of themselves revealing parts of their body in the hope that they may receive one in return. Felfies usually do not show the persons face as this would be a give away. They are generally used so that the person receiving the "felfie" will be aroused and think that the person sending the photo has a better body than they actually do.
Example 1
Dom: " Hey Matty how'd you get that girl to send you a naked picture of herself?"
Matty: " I sent her a felfie mate"

Example 2
Brendan: " Hey phil why have you got so many pictures of yourself naked on your phone??"
Phil: " Mate thats not me!! thats a felfie!!"
by Alfelfie April 14, 2013
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When you suck at taking selfies and have to fake it.
"Jesse's arm wasn't long enough to take a proper selfie, so he had to give the phone to his friend to take a photo of himself with his arm out. Nice felfie!"
by troubledavis June 25, 2014
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She keeps Taking felfies of her shoes and feet.
by Sleeper2015 December 11, 2014
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The filtered selfie. You can spot them by the dreamy, halo-like effect. Did your ex just return from a vacay in nirvana...no it's just a felfie at the Walmart. Who needs photoshop? Just felfie. See: Kim Kardashian on Instagram.
If one more person comments about how glowy she looks, I'm going to call her out on her felfies!
by Cecilia Guest November 1, 2014
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Farmer selfie. Taking a picture with farm animals or around farming equipment.
Nellson the bull starred in the first felfie ever which went viral within minutes in the youth movement farming community of alken.
by Kerels1314 February 16, 2014
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