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The act of sticking your bald head up someones ass unexpectedly. Normally, this act is performed in a sexual situation as it is unusual to find someones bare ass in a non-sexual setting. However, if you happen upon your roommate coming out of the shower naked, towel or not, you are required to stick your bald head up their ass. If you are not bald, you only need fear feeming, not the responsibility of performing the act. See also: feeming, feemed.
I got a good feeming last night.
I'm gonna feem the shit out of you.
Keep your pants on unless you want to get feemed.
by gnomad September 06, 2009
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A word used when you can't think of the word you need. Similar in use to marklar from the South Park episode.
Good sir, please hand me that feem.
by rwh November 22, 2006
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another word for cum. can be used for any sexual reference. also can be used as "feemed".
"dude, that chick last night let me feem all over her face!"
"ew that kid just feemed on my desk."
by cipp October 17, 2007
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Very intelligent sometimes rubs it in your face. Will do anything for you, often gets walked on/taken advantage of as a result. Helps his friends out consistently w/money & things not responsible for, doesn't expect anything in return. Tries to be a parent figure to many not on purpose. He loves unconditionally but is strong willed. Does things even if it hurts himself, may not make sense at first but there is always a good heartfelt reason behind it.

Sticks to his opinion, doesn't lie & isn't influenced by anything. Thinks for himself,very mature, often hates being around people if their stupid/or not that bright.His personality makes him very appealing/attractive. Has great ideas, tries to pursue them but may not always finish what he starts. Thinks of others before himself & very respectful.

A true gentlemen. Old school & classy. Loves & highly respects family.Takes pride/holds self well but sometimes has self doubt. Doesn't communicate his feelings/put his name in spotlights. Though secretly likes attention. listener not a talker when talks it's true correct & funny. He has two sides; looks can be deceiving.
He's also the ultimate jokester, the funny guy in the group, good entertainer and loves to party. Good in music and likes art. Obsessed with Video Games. Really lazy and loves food. Not the sexiest but is appealing to many girls. You have to really know him to be able to read him. If you get a Feem you're lucky as fuck. Don't ruin it.
by Jane Doe123456 November 22, 2013
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