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A site for underage whores.
"My uncle was on Stickam last night. Now he's in jail."
"I blame the whores."
by gnomad July 09, 2009
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The act of sticking your bald head up someones ass unexpectedly. Normally, this act is performed in a sexual situation as it is unusual to find someones bare ass in a non-sexual setting. However, if you happen upon your roommate coming out of the shower naked, towel or not, you are required to stick your bald head up their ass. If you are not bald, you only need fear feeming, not the responsibility of performing the act. See also: feeming, feemed.
I got a good feeming last night.
I'm gonna feem the shit out of you.
Keep your pants on unless you want to get feemed.
by gnomad September 06, 2009
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