This is the day all the best people are born. They are the best friend you will ever have. Today is their birthday so give them lots of presents and kisses
It’s February 9 let’s go say happy birthday to my favourite people
by aussiesnack October 24, 2019
If you were born on February 9 you are the best person in the world! You are also the weirdest of all hoomans!You are cooler than all your friends!😎
Random person talking~were you born on February 9
Person-yeah, why?
Random person talking~wow that explains a lot *thinking I wish I was them*
by HeLlO hOoMaNs November 11, 2019
February 9
If you're born in February 9 ,You are a fun,weird and caring friend.
Fun fact: a lot of people who are born in February 9 is the weird one in the friends group ;)
by The Idiot bish October 22, 2020
Who ever is born on this day is a natural fucking beast also all boys born on this day have huge dicks and girls born on this day are fucking Thicc
When’s you birthday

Oh it’s February 9

Oh shit how long

1 foot
by Shuckedgoose69 October 27, 2019
you and your best friend have to exchange hoodies for 1 week.
Alexa & ema: its February 9!!!!!!
mike: so?
Alexa: you get to exchange your hoodie with your best friend!!
mike: oh shit let me join-
by Monkey_Me February 8, 2020
A nice, caring, sweet en beautiful person was born on this day. If today is February 9th, please go wish that person a happy b-day because they deserve it!
just go wish him or her a happy b-day on February 9
by sumimaseen November 14, 2019
It is national cap day, means everything someone says it is cap
Me: I'm gay
Friend: what
Me: bro it's February 9
by BigSchlonnnnnng February 9, 2021