1.) The second month in the Roman calendar system.
2.) Contains the highest suicide rates.
Why do you want to kill yourself? Oh yeah, it's February...
by rawramp February 25, 2009
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n. twenty-eight (28) inch rims, typically adorned on large-frame vehicles, including, but not limited to, new Hummer H2s, new Mercedes G500s, new Cadillac Escalades, late-model Ford Expeditions, candy coated late-model Ford Crown Victorias, and candy coated late-model Chevrolet Caprices & Impalas.
NIGGA 1: Shit – check dat Impala, son - look at them mutha fuckin rimz
NIGGA 2: Those 22’s? 24’s? 26’s?
NIGGA 3: Nah, nigga, he ridin’ February – 28’s nigga...
by NINETEEN NINETY TWO October 18, 2006
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Hey! It’s fingerless February, you know how there’s no nut November well boys you guys aren’t gonna be the only ones suffering
by SorryBabyDoll November 4, 2019
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The month given to honor Black History so they wouldn't get 30+ days
Slave: Why is February the shortest month?
Master: So you wouldnt get a full month!
by MichellePorter August 19, 2008
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Do u wanna know why February is the shortest month? Because that's when all the short people are born!
Me: Johana, why am i so short??
Johana: Cause, u were born in February!
Me: dang it!!😡😡😡😡
by Shadow_Gacha November 9, 2019
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adj. The act of giving excruciatingly, really painful words of sarcasm; being "schooled".
John: Dude, I just got this bike yesterday. It's fucking Huge!

George:Yeah. i saw it yesterday. Your mom let me ride it home. Like i rode her.
YOU JUST GOT FEBed {Februaryed}!!
by The King KONGO KOBRA. August 29, 2008
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