February 21st is a day nationally accepted as "Send a Naked Picture of Yourself to Steve Buscemi" Day. This is celebrated by mailing a nude photograph of yourself or a loved one to Mr. Buscemi for his viewing pleasure.
Dude 1: Are you going to the post office today?
Dude 2: Of course its Feb. 21 I have to mail a naked picture of myself to Steve Buscemi.
Dude 1: Oh yeah I almost forgot will you take a picture of my balls quick.
Dude 2: In the spirit of the day. Yes, yes I will.
by Col. Pooper August 22, 2008
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Is ur birthday on Feb 21?
Omg Yh can’t wait to shag Harry marchant
by Cutie164628 January 12, 2022
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Give your youngest friend ca$$hh
I am the youngest and it is feb 21 so I want cash
by Caca.queen February 19, 2021
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National Spam your fav cousin day. Bother the f*ck outta them, or post them alllll day.
Pp head and Feb 21
by HAha pp head February 21, 2021
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