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n. A bowl of Pot Marijuana with cocaine and/or xanax sprinked on top. Named after the God himself, Steve Buscemi.
1. Hey man, you trying to smoke a Buscemi?

2. Yo, after the bar do you want to go home and smoke a fat Buscemi

3. Jesus, that Buscemi last night really fucked me up.
by Steven V. Buscemi November 16, 2010
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Someone who is permanently in the friend zone, not good looking enough to be the main attraction, but a very cool person. Named for the great Steve Buscemi.
She's a great chick, why don't you ask her out? Nah I Buscemi'ed her ages ago.
by roro xolo July 27, 2014
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pronounciation: there no phonetic spelling possible so this is how it is pronounced (in english) : -bus(the bus)-ke(the bakery) -my(thats my dog)

When in a normal situation like a conversation somebody suddenly beats up somebody else or slaps him without anything obvious reason that could have triggered it.

the word can be used as a noun (a buscemi, m.; pl. buscemis) and as a verb (to buscemi, to go buscemi)
Last day when i was talking to bobby he totally went buscemi on me and kicked my ass.

Last week a beat up johnny for nothing. he had a lot of buscemis lately.
by Jan Schrรถdter October 02, 2006
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Noun: A cliched piece of trivia brought up as if it is actually something the second person has never heard.

Verb: To tell someone a buscemi if the teller actually believes they are imparting novel information.
Noun: "Did you know Steve Buscemi is a volunteer fireman who helped during 9/11??"

Verb: "Man, you told me that last week and I was too polite to tell you I already knew that Steve Buscemi was a volunteer fireman during 9/11. If you buscemi me again, you will have to walk home!"
by relesabe August 10, 2018
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