You guys wanna feast?

Ya man, ill go get my controller.

Kk sweet deal... and then maybe after that we will grab lunch.
by feaster February 6, 2010
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To eat someone atom by atom without being able to control themselves.
Me: Hey! stop feasting on me!
My friend: Nom nom
by bootsncatsnbo November 17, 2019
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1. Something really good, remarkable or out of the ordinary.
3. An expression of utter delight.
"What did you think of that hot dog deal thing?
"Man, it was an absolute feast!"


"Look at this ultimate quench!
by Doc Pinza December 22, 2005
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The collective term for a group of Women.

A Flock of Geese,
A Herd of Sheep,
A School of Fish,
A Feast of Women.
Check out the Feast of clunge over there
by crazyracky January 7, 2011
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To insert your fist and feet in someone's anus
I am totally going to feast that girl's ass
by Fart Ham Dan April 6, 2017
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Feast can be used many different ways;
An adjective used to describe numerous things, a noun, or a verb
Adj; "That boy is so feastly! I'd get on that asap!"
noun; "Well hello feast"
Verb; "As Tom was walking down the street, Mary proceeded to jump him and feast on his wonderful flesh."
by Queen of the Feast July 27, 2009
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usually used to describe an extremely attractive group of people, one person a snack, together a feast. Usually used about the successful boyband 'Why Don't We'... buy something different on itunes
Why Don't We looked a feast at the VMA's
by rachtica August 28, 2017
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